Converting file format

Hi, Pat,

I have clustered my sequences using otupipe(a pipeline based on UCLUST) and want to analyze the result using mothur.
But the result file has a format like this,

sequence OTU

APK0001 OTU_01
APK0002 OTU_02
APK0003 OTU_02
APK0004 OTU_02
APK0005 OTU_03

Diversity analysis tools in mothur requires *.list file but I have no idea how I can convert my result to a *.list file.
Would you tell me how I can do this?

Thank you.

At this point you would have to do it yourself. We may incorporate something like this in the future. Using a lot of external programs/dependencies goes against our philosophy because it means you guys have to get them all, which is a pain.

Thank you, I understand.