collect.single groups option


haven’t been using MOTHUR for a while but have a new dataset now that needs some work. Had very few problems running my old MOTHUR scripts from version 1.12 though. Just a little tweaking and it worked again. So, great job and thanks for providing this awesome package.
Just one thing is unclear: I would like to generate collectors curves for all my samples (50 samples) but collect.single does not take a groups file. In previous versions I was able to read in a groups file with read.otu and then just run the collect.single() command to get separate .sobs files for each sample. Do not see how this is possible now. Took a workaround with parse.list using the groupfile option and then applied collect.single to the single list files that came out of parse.list. It involved cumbersome typing work . Any trick I overlooked to avoid this? Using the latest version (1.20.1)


We distributed the functionality of read.otu to other commands. You will want to run make.shared(list=…, group=…) then collect.single(). Alternatively, you can run collect.single(shared=…).