A minor bug in collect.single()


There appears to be a mistake in collect.single()'s help. It includes the iters parameter as part of the example whereas the command itself doesn’t support it.

mothur > collect.single(help)

The collect.single command can only be executed after a successful read.otu command. WITH ONE EXECEPTION.
The collect.single command can be executed after a successful cluster command. It will use the .list file from the output of the cluster.
The collect.single command parameters are label, freq, calc and abund. No parameters are required.
The collect.single command should be in the following format:
collect.single(label=yourLabel, iters=yourIters, freq=yourFreq, calc=yourEstimators).
Example collect(label=unique-.01-.03, iters=10000, freq=10, calc=sobs-chao-ace-jack).
The default values for freq is 100, and calc are sobs-chao-ace-jack-shannon-npshannon-simpson.
The available estimators for calc are ace, bergerparker, boneh, bootstrap, bstick, chao, coverage, default, efron, geometric, goodscoverage, jack, logseries, npshannon, nseqs, qstat, shannon, shen, simpson, sobs, solow,
The label parameter is used to analyze specific labels in your input.
Note: No spaces between parameter labels (i.e. freq), ‘=’ and parameters (i.e.yourFreq).

mothur > collect.single(iters=10000, calc=sobs-chao-shannon, label=unique-0.03-0.10-0.20)

iters is not a valid parameter.
The valid parameters are: freq, label, calc, abund, and size.

Thanks for the heads up.