Collect.single and bstick

Hi all,

I was interested in fitting my rabund data to some of the models, i.e. broken stick, log series, etc to see which works best (going with bstick as an example for simplicity here). I understand that when using these calcs in summary.single it gives the K-S test value, which is very clear and makes perfect sense. However, I’m a little stuck with what the output means when running it in collect.single as it gives a bstick value for each of the nsampled. Is this still the K-S test statistic at each interval? And if so, is it calculated against Sobs? Or in this context, is it actually the data fitted (as much as can be) to the bstick model? I’m aware that this kind of data rarely fits well, but I’ve been asked to have a look into this.

I suppose what I’m essentially asking is, if i were to graph the nsampled against these values, what does the y axis represent?

It’s been a very long time since I looked at broken stick, but I think it is supposed to output an estimated richness value.


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