Cannot open Venn .svg files

Sorry I posted this under the wrong topic before…

I’m using mac OS-X 10.6 to run Mothur. I think I am producing the venn diagrams correctly, but I cannot open them in Adobe illustrator or Gimp. A.I. says the file needs to be validated before I can open. Gimp says something about an error domain 1 code 68 on line 4 column 73 of my .svg file, and then says “xmlParseEntityRef: no name”

Can anyone help?


Your best bet is to open them using firefox web-browser. I struggled for almost two hours on that. Firefox has a plugin that will directly open svg files. You then simply select, copy and paste them either to photoshop, powerpoint or word. Adobe no more supports the svg format…


Can you email us ( a copy of the svg file?

If group names include the character ‘&’, it causes an error with Adobe and web browser.