bug batch mode version 1.39.5


I am using v.1.19.5 on linux

When I start linux using ./mothur, my log file says that I am using version 1.39.5

but when I start batch mode ./mothur alex.batch

my log file says that I have been using v.1.36.1

can anyone help me out with this?

Why I am starting version 1.36.1? This is annoying!

It appears that version 1.36.1 is installed in my path on my machine. So for some reason it seems to be starting this version instead of 1.39.5.

So iIremove the “installed” mothur using: apt-get purge mothur.

Restarted my batch file with ./mothur alex.batch

and now Mothur is running the correct version

strange is it not!