All seem to run well, but then stability.trim.contigs.good.fasta is 0 KB?

make.contigs was successful, generating 2 large files stability.trim.contigs.fasta (1,900,000 kb) and stability.trim.contigs.qual (5,113,816 kb), although the other 3 files, stability.scrap.contigs.qual, and stability.scap.contigs.fasta are all 0 kb.

I moved on anyway, and was halted after the count.seqs step, because stability.trim.contigs.good.fasta has 0 kb.

I had thought it was my file names (stability.file). Tried changing that a couple times, but the same problem keeps coming up.

Really confused and stuck. Please help. Thank you!

I’ve been given some space on a server. Is it possible that this problem is caused by low disk space?

The problem is probably from the parameters you used in screen.seqs. Can you post the output printed to the screen from running summary.seqs before and after running screen.seqs?