Would you be able to utilize periods in sequencing record names?

A portion of my gz succession documents have _ (highlights) or - (runs) in the record names. These are seeming to cause issues in the MiSeqSOP: the make.contigs order winds up shortening everything after the _ in the result. Then when I get to the count.seqs order, I get blunder messages expressing I can’t have - in my gathering names.

I’m contemplating whether can simply supplant all _ and - in my arrangement document names to . (periods). Will that cause any issues in the MiSeq SOP?

Much obliged,

make.file uses the _ to denote fields in the file names. Everything to the left of the first _ is used as the sample name. It will also look for the R1 and R2 files to know which files go together. Hyphens are best avoided in your sample name, but periods should be fine.