Where is the makefile in current Linux package downloads?

Hi- is there some kind of mistake with what’s in the zip files for the Linux executables? Both the current 32-bit and the 64-bit versions I downloaded via the Linux download links have a DOS/Windows file called CatchAllCmdL.exe and no makefile.


The makefile is only included with the source code. If you download the compiled versions then there’s no need for it.

OK, but I wasn’t able to run it by changing to the correct directory and typing ./mothur so I assumed I needed to do something additional to make it run. I’m a Linux noob, though, so it’s possible I did something stupid to not make it run. I will try this again when I’m able.

Hm. I always compile from source so I’m not 100% on what could be causing it. From the folder that mothur is in, open a terminal and type ‘ls’. If mothur doesn’t appear in green, type

chmod +x mothur

Then try again.

Thanks, I will try that as soon as I am able! I appreciate your help. -Liz