Venn diagrams: Number of sequences too?


I think it would be cool if the venn command wrote the number of sequences present as well as the number of species present to the diagram.

For example,
‘The number of species in group A is 607 and the number of sequences is 18,353.’

We have found these numbers useful in determining the importance (in terms of abundance) of certain shared or unique OTUs. Currently we use the get.sharedseqs command and count the lines in the .seqs files.

Or if adding the number of sequences to the venn diagram is not viable, perhaps a get.sharedseqs option that allows the user to output the .seqs files for all possible shared/unique combinations for a certain label, thus reducing the number of commands required to generate these files.

Hope this made sense.


Thanks for the suggestion! This change will be part of 1.14.0.