In the current Venn() command, if permute=T the *.sharedotus file gets overwritten, which is kind of sad, since it means that if you have a whole lot of groups and want those files, you have to run them seperately.

In addition I think it would be cool if there would be an additional function that makes it possible to run the Venn() command for all 2 or 3 group combinations instead of implying 4 groups at a time with the permute=T command.

Plus as an additional question:

Is there the possibility to output the number of sequences instead of the number of OTUs in the Venn-diagram?

That would help me so much…

Thanks for the reporting the issues with the sharedotus file being overwritten with permute=t. It will be fixed in the next release. We will also allow permute to equal a number instead of simply true or false. Thanks for the feature request! The nseqs parameter will output the number of sequences represented by the otus in the picture, default=F.


Thanks for the quick reply. Looking forward to use it in the next release…

According to the nseqs=t command… I was working with that one earlier, so that was not what my question was targetting.
I thought it would be great to get the output of sequences not only in the text below, but also in the venn diagram itself. Coz it is quite a pain to try to put the sequence numbers into it yourself by calculating back… :slight_smile: