unique.seqs - RAM required?

Is there a rule of thumb for the amount of RAM needed relative to the input FASTA file to run unique.seqs?

I can run small datasets without a problem, but when I scaled up my input mothur quits while running unique.seqs. I’m not getting an error message, but when I ran “top” it looked like mothur was using all the available RAM, so I’m thinking that could be the issue.


Hmm… That’s weird. How many sequences do you have and how long are they? How much RAM do you have?

I tracked it down - I was using a Perl script to collect my input files and what I thought was a small increase in the amount of data was definitely not so small.

Should you be wondering, 3gb of ram isn’t enough to run unique.seqs on 60gb of data.


lol, glad you tracked it down.