trim.seqs qual and fasta file seq name mismatch

When I try to run trim.seqs I get this error:
mothur >
trim.seqs(fasta=PD14_MC_DH_BAC_rev_trimmed.txt, maxambig=0,
qfile=PD14_BAC_MC_DH_QUAL.qual, qthreshold=35)
Using 1 processors.
sequence name mismatch btwn fasta:
M02542_125_000000000-AL0WH_1_2110_2366_12788 and qual file:
This happens even when using my raw fasta and Qual files.
I am running the latest version of MOTHUR v. 1.36.1

The names between your fasta (actually, txt?) file and the qual file are a bit different. That doesn’t necessarily matter, but what sort of pre-processing steps did you perform on these files?