Top sequencing facilities


Having read the “What you should do?” section of the “Why do I have such a large distance matrix?” in the Mothur blog (, I realize how difficult it is for people like me with limited experience with sequencing facilities to choose sending samples to one lab or another. Beyond the budgetary aspect, which is definitely important, I’d like to read opinions about top labs to which I can confidently send my DNA and make the technical stuff from preparing libraries to sequencing to sending back complete output files.

My question might call some people to advertise their own labs. Rather, the idea would be to share a short list of very professional labs doing good job at good price. If that’s possible without polluting the Mothur forum with ads, that would be nice!


We have a very good facility here at Michigan that I can put people in touch with. It’s pretty affordable and they use the Kozich method. If anyone wants to email me, I’d be happy to get you in touch with the appropriate people.


Pat I hope you don’t mind, I’d like to throw my facility on here as a place that can do 16s (Kozich primers, roughly Schloss wet lab proceedure), ITS (based on Kozich template), or custom amplicons.