The Mothur 1.17.0 crashes on unifrac.unweghted

Dear all!
The new version of Unifrac announced the fixed bugs in Unifrac calculation. After the executable was downloaded (Win 32bit) I attempted rerun using teh input from my recent project. (I’m running PC with Win XP Professional (SP3))
The combinaton of commands:
unifrac.unweighted(distance=lt, random=F)
leads to the error report and program terminates. Here is the last string of log file before the crash:
mothur > unifrac.unweighted(distance=lt, random=F)
Tree# Groups UWScore UWSig
Is anything wrong with the input or it is just a bug? The weighted Unifrac commands works with the same input just fine.
Thank you in advance!

p.s. Mothur is a great software! Thank you for inventing this gem.

Thanks for reporting this. We have fixed it and posted version 1.17.1 on the wiki.