tab completion does not work in MPI


Wanted to bring this up since I ran into it today. I’m submitting a mothur job to our SGE cluster using qrsh (calling mothur with mpirun -np X mothurMPI). Mothur runs and works as expected, but I’m not able to to any tab completion. This happens whether running on a single box with mpirun or over qrsh to the cluster. Unsure if this is even possible with MPI I/O forwarding, though.


If you are trying to run it from the command line, the tab completion doesn’t work regardless of whether you’re using MPI. Are you talking about within mothur’s interactive mode?

Yup, mothur’s interactive mode. If I run the version not compiled for MPI, tab completion works fine. For example, If I type summary.seqs(fasta= and then hit tab, I’m given a list of files. This does not happen in the MPI version.