summary.shared part of matrix is "0"

I’m calculating a bunch of dissimilarity matrices and have gotten a strange output twice with this particular shared file. The dissimilarity matrices look ok for about the top third of the samples, but for the rest of the samples the distances are all “0”. I don’t think there’s a problem with the shared file, I was able to calculate summary.single for all samples after getting the weird output. I opened the summary file and there are non-zero distances for all the sample pairs that were reported as zero, so it seems that the problem isn’t in calculating the distances but in going from column to lower triangle distance. nothing sticks out in the summary file between the sample that had it’s distances pasted into the lt matrix correctly and the first sample that had only zeros. the files are huge (summary is 19gb) so I’ll need to ftp them to you if you need to see them.

here’s what I was running
summary.shared(shared=fung.w.hil.0.945.pick.shared, calc=jclass-braycurtis-thetayc, subsample=1500)

I was using 1.31.1 I’ve successfully used summary.shared on even larger shared files in 1.29 so am trying that now

Thanks for reporting this bug. This is caused by processors > 2 when using the subsample parameter and not using the distance parameter. I will fix it in the next release. As a work around, if you set distance=t it will fix the issue.