subsample.list and subsample.shared No match?!!

After running:mothur > make.shared(list=kimmatrix.list, group=kimmatrix.groups)
When I run sub.sample(shared=kimmatrix.shared, size=1000) 1000 is the lowest number fund between sample after count.groups()
I get the correct files where each sample has 1000 sequences in total …
However, how do I get the correct subsample.list?

I have tried:

mothur > sub.sample(list=kimmatrix.list, group=kimmatrix.groups, size=1000)
I get :
mothur > make.shared()
Using kimmatrixan.subsample.list as input file for the list parameter.
Using kimmatrix.subsample.groups as input file for the group parameter

And what it Actually does is get 1000 seqeunces accros all the sample (so 1000 in total…) instead of 1000 seqeunce in each sample… Help! :?



mothur > sub.sample(list=kimmatrix.list, group=kimmatrix.groups, size=1000, persample=T)
mothur > make.shared()

perfect! you rock!
thanks :smiley: