Size of sequences


I’m new to mothur and I’m trying to analyze my data but Ι have a problem with 2 samples.

The following message appeared during my analysis:

Processing file pair C:\Users\USER\Desktop\Grapes_2018_Bacteria\Sequences\T0KZ_S3_L001_R1_001.FASTQ - C:\Users\USER\Desktop\Grapes_2018_Bacteria\Sequences\T0KZ_S3_L001_R2_001.FASTQ (files 41 of 54) <<<<<
Making contigs…
[ERROR]: You have 77292 sequences in your forward fastq file, but 77291 sequences in your reverse fastq file. Please use the list.seqs and get.seqs commands to make the files match before proceeding.

Could someone help me?

Thank you!!

For what you are sending, apparently your fastq do not have the same number of sequences (only one missing). Did you, by chance, opened them before loading them in mothur? You can try to check with software such as notepad++ in case there are some strange characters at the end of the R1 file that makes mothur think there is an extra sequence?

@leocadio Thank you for your answer!

I checked my files and I didn’t notice something strange,

I’m trying to find a way to compare the two fastq files but the commands I found doesn’t work for me,

I guess I did something wrong,

Do you know something about command?

Thank you once again!

Do they have the same number of lines?

It sounds like you or someone else has been editing the sequences. The two files should have the same number of sequences. I’d suggest redownloading the files from your sequence provider. If you get the same error, then you should ask them to post unfiltered/screened sequences for you to work with.