shhh.seqs - duplicated seqs

Hi all,

When I run shhh.seqs --> shhh.seqs(file=GM2BZH101.flow.files, processors=8), the resulting GM2BZH101.shhh.fasta file contains 628 sequences that are duplicated. The sequences are not duplicated in the .fna files generated by the FLX software. Also, I’ve run shhh.seqs on four flow.files and this only happened with two of them, which are from the same run.

Does this indicate a problem with my sff and/or flow.files from this run?

Thanks guys!


shhhhhhh, no one knows about this command yet :slight_smile:

You should also have a GM2BZH101.shhh.names file that indicates the names of the sequences that are redundant to the denoised sequences.