shhh.flows: delta is nan?

still running samples through shhh.flows using command line (this is legacy data that I recieved the sff presplit by samples, I can’t get the original unsplit sff). Anyway, this morning came in and 2 of the 3 samples that are currently running on one computer have “nan” in the delta column, what does that mean? I’ve never noticed this before, but I haven’t been looking for it. Should I cancle these processes?

decided to kill and restart-now there are more normal delta values e+06. Any ideas what caused this?

still having a few samples with nan delta values

Well I seem to be the only one who’s seen this, but incase someone searches in the future for this error. I think my data was corrupted somewhere in the copying of the files from hd to hd and across the internet several times. The sequencing facility actually had the seqs in their archive so I was able to get copies from them which have processed through shhh.flows with no problems.

moral of the story: checksum when copying