segmentation fault or glibc detected during classify.seqs

hello all,

i am just warming up to this mothur thang and am going through the paces with some not-so-good data (as far as #'s of reads) we got back from a 454 run. I am using the Costello dataset as a guide.

I am keep running into a segmentation error and it kicks me out to the prompt or it says glibc detected, spits out a whole bunch of gibberish, and then kicks me out to the prompt.

The error happens during the reading template probabilities step of classify.seqs

I have tried running it on two different supercomputers and my own windows based laptop and it kills it at the same spot each time.

not sure what the problem is or what i can do to remedy it.

thanks in advance for any help

If you send your files to, I can take a look.