classify.seqs crashes Mothur 1.10.2

Hi All

Supercomputer I use for Mothur just replaced version 1.8 with 1.10.2 as per my request. To test it I ran my script that I used without problem on previous version. After several attempts, it always crashes on classify.seqs, with or without extra arguments (such as group file). Mothur just stops half way and exits. The output is zipped as per my shell file and I get .temp file and unfinished .taxonomy file. It crashes after like 6000 seqs. Did anyone else have this problem? Could it be fault in installation? I had exactly same files in input folder and I run the same script as before. I tried again changing the version back to 1.8 in .sh file and it worked…



Have you seen this taxonomy

Yes, I did before I posted; I do not get any segmentation error messages, it just quits in the middle. Can someone post a link to correct taxonomy and fasta files?

If you send your logfile and fastafile to, I can take a look.