Query regarding Taxonomy file generation in mothur

In my experiment of 16s Data mothur generates an output where we get a taxonomy output file which I need to use for phyloseq r Bioconductor package. I want to visualize my result with this Bioconductor package phyloseq. Still, the problem I am facing is my otu based taxonomy table is very much diverse in terms of the class of microbes’ taxonomy. I think that’s why I can not plot bar plot or heatmap many errors are coming regarding the dataset of taxa table. Please enlighten me how can I overcome this large dimension?

Hi there - Sorry, but I’m not sure that I understand your question. To be honest, I’ve never used phyloseq to look at mothur outputted data so I’m not much help for converting the file format. You might get more out of learning R’s tidyverse tools including dplyr and ggplot2. I have a tutorial on how to work with mothur data in R using these tools that you can find here…