Quality file problem

I lunched a trim.seqs command, and Mothur returned an error telling me that my sequences are in my fasta file and not in my quality file. The previous command (sort.seqs) did work properly and found the same amount of sequences in both files. :confused:
To check, I tried to lunch a summary.qual command but mothur the error β€œM02442-223 has a quality scores of 80, expecting values to be less than 40.” for each sequences until the command crashes. :scream:
I never had any problem with the quality files on this dataset before…
Any ideas on what went wrong and how to fix it?

Previous commands were fastq.info, make.contigs, screen.seqs and sort.seqs. All apparently working withour errors.


Could you send your input files and log file to mothur.bugs@gmail.com?


Thank you for your answer, but it seems that the problem was caused by an outdated version of Mothur. (The cluster I work with is running version 1.41.0!!). The problem did not occur again when working on the latest version of Mothur.


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