Problems with make.sra in v1.36.1

I have tried to run make.sra in mothur v 1.36.1 and I got this:

mothur > make.sra(fastq=siqoriginal.fastq, oligos=caries.oligos, project=project.txt, mimark=caries.tsv, platform=ILLUMINA, libstrategy=amplicon, instrument=Illumina_MiSeq)

Running command:, qfile=f, fastq=siqoriginal.fastq, oligos=caries.oligos)
[ERROR]: no outputs selected. Aborting.

Output File Names:

The problem seems to be in the with both fasta and qfile in “F”.
The command alone works without this options.

I used then the v 1.35 to run make.sra and it worked just fine.


Thanks for reporting this bug. It effects the make.sra command with a single fastq file and oligos file and will be corrected in our next release coming soon. I am glad you were able to work around it with version 1.35.