problems with filter.seqs command

Hi, all!
I’m a new user with mothur. And I did my job by following the 454-sop, there are all fine untill I run the filter.seqs under the error analysis step. The mothur is shutdown when I ran the filter.seqs command! The align and filter files are both OK. I don’t know how to do it next. I can not do anything!
This is my total command: filter.seqs(fasta=HMP_MOCK.v35.align, hard=W7.filter)
I’m waiting for your help! Thanks! :slight_smile:


What operating system/version are you using?

It is v.1.31.2 version, under the windows XP system.

Welcome! Is the filter the same length as the aligned file? If so, could you send HMP_MOCK.v35.align and W7.filter to