pre.cluster use of processors parameter


I’m happy to see that pre.cluster can be called with the processors= parameter
yet, when I do, it says it’s using all the processors, but the processors usage remain at 0% when I monitor them using “top”.

It this the expected behavior? Or I’m missing something?

I’m running version 1.32.1, 64 bit (with readline), linux.

Can you post the command you ran?

mothur > pre.cluster(fasta=cohorte_13Nov13.unique.fa,name=cohorte_13Nov13.names,diffs=2,processors=64)

The command finished OK after 78 hours. The query file has 1.9 million reads of 280 nucleotides.

The pre.cluster command only uses multiple processors if you are running pre.cluster with a group file or count file with group information.