Plotting capability in mothur

HI all, i think everybody loves their mothur but when it comes to plotting, it is coming really short. mothur integrates numerous programs, but why not some plotting software (or even a suggested R code). the SOP’s runs really well but the only obstacle is plotting.
I would like to be able to plot my s/rabuncance, .chao., .invrsimpson, …

many thanks

We hear you. We actually have a proposal in at NIH to create mothuR, which would be an R wrapper for mothur to facilitate other analyses and data visualization.

That will be just GREAT.
meanwhile i put my notes for the R Workshop into work. my goal was to complement the existing 454 SOP with some R codes (so basically creating my SOP and opening it with R studio). I did well so far but I am still struggling with .raund file and some others. I am not too confident about my R codes to post yet but it will be great if we can start a page dealing or collecting R codes.

many thanks