p-values reported by Clearcut with high iters

I ran Clearcut with 100000 iterations and it reported the weighted significance at <1e-005
I’m assuming this is <.00001, and the leading zeros are place holders? The unweighted unifrac reported 0.001 when I ran the default number of iterations.
This is not so much a bug as making sure I’m interpreting the nomenclature properly, since normally I would expect that to be 1e-5

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean. Clearcut does not take the tiers option.

That explains why I’m having a problem. Thanks.

My apologies, I meant to say UNIFRAC (not clearcut).

if you run 10^5 iters and none of the rearranged trees give a value as extreme as yours, then we say that your p value is less than 1^-5. If you do the default with 1000 tiers you’ll get <1^-3. And 1e-005 is the same as 1e-5 or 10^-5.