Need set up assistance from Mac users

Hi all, I haven’t used a mac in years but I need to help students get mothur running on a mac. We downloaded the executable for 1.39.5 and copied the whole mothur folder into usr/local/bin. Ran

export PATH="/usr/local/bin/mothur/:$PATH"

but when we type “mothur” into a terminal it says command not found. What am I doing wrong?

I’ve a MacBook Pro13’, macOS Sierra (v.10.12.6).
Recently, I updated to the latest version of mothur (v.1.39.5).
I did the same as you, with a little difference. Instead of I’ve copied the mothur folder, I just copied the executables, i.e., mothur, vsearch and uchime (as well as the blast folder) into ‘usr/local/bin’.
When I type ‘mothur’ on the terminal it works, whatever the current directory, e.g., Desktop.
Therefore, I believe that you’ve to copy the executables instead of mothur folder.
I hope this will help.
Kind regards,

what happens when you do…

ls -lht user/local/bin/mothur/