Mothur-mpi commands problems

Hello friends, sorry for the question but I’m new to this from Mothur and I need some guidance or where to start, I have a mini Boewulf Cluster, with 6 NanoPi Fire cards, which has 8 cores and 1 Gb in Ram, the problem is this, when I run the command mpiexec n -6 -machinefile machinefile ./mothur
this executes mothur in the 6 nodes and in each core, that is to say it is not executed once mothur distributing the load between the nodes, but it is executed 48 times.
I’ve been reading and trying different configurations for a long time, but I have not been able to find a guide explaining how to execute mothur once and how the load is distributed among the core.

Any help or suggestion will be welcome.

best regards, Carlos

Hi - mothur is no longer set up to use MPI. It runs just as fast or faster using the built-in processors flag that is available with most commands.