mothur doesn't start in any folder after editing .bashrc in Ubuntu

I am trying to install mothur from the source code in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Although i have run the make command successfully and can run mothur in the source directory as v 1.35.1, editing the .bashrc file doesn’t allow me to use mothur in any folder i want. I will delineate the steps i have performed for installation below. Roughly:
downloaded and unzipped source
cd into source directory
readline ncurses and other libraries are installed
edit makefile (comment out MAC TARCH_ line with #, uncomment CXXFLAGS line by removing #)
run make
run ./mothur (mothur starts, ls shows mothur in green)
edited the .bashrc file to direct to source or other folder where mothur.exe is housed. (pasted: # User specific environment and startup programs
PATH=~/ /home/arghya/Desktop/mothur-1.35.1/source:${PATH}).
run mothur in terminal (shows no such directory is present, mothur is not installed, use sudo apt-get install mothur to get mothur).
Since running mothur in any folder I want gives a lot of flexibility its really useful not dealing with the source dir clutter. I apologise in advance as i am new to Linux. Help!

You might just need to reload the bash profile. Either logout/login or enter

source ~/.bashrc

in the terminal to reload bashrc.

Thanks!! Working now!! :slight_smile: