Mothur crashing at classify.seqs

Hello all,

I am currently using mothur to characterize ITS regions that are sequenced using MiSeq. I have downloaded the most recent UNITE database (UNITE - Resources) under mothur release. When I get to the classify.seqs command, mothur crashes and the window closes. I have had similar issues before with older UNITE releases but they were related to formatting. In the new download, I do not see any issues in the taxonomy file. For example, there are no spaces, or commas, and each line has a semicolon at the end.

I tried the command with the smaller curated UNITE database from mothur (UNITE ITS database) and it works fine. So, that makes me think there is something in the formatting which I can’t seem to identify. So, I am not sure where/if there is an issue with the latest UNITE taxonomy file on the UNITE website. Has anyone had a similar experience with the latest download of UNITE ITS database?

Thank you in advance.
Best, Patil

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