make contigs- not saving outfile


I was trying make contigs with 537 samples (Hiseq run 270x2). And I am getting an error at the end of the make contigs command and its not saving a outfile.

>>>>>   Processing file pair Blank4_TGAGTACG-TAGCGAGT_clipped_R1.fq - Blank4_TGAGTACG-TAGCGAGT_clipped_R2.fq (files 537 of 537) <<<<<
Making contigs...
It took 31510 secs to process 17036298 sequences.
[WARNING]: your sequence names contained ':'.  I changed them to '_' to avoid problems in your downstream analysis.

mothur > summary.seqs(fasta=current)
[WARNING]: no file was saved for fasta parameter.
You have no current fastafile and the fasta parameter is required.

Using 100 processors.
[ERROR]: did not complete summary.seqs.

When I tried to split this files in to two then I could able to make outfile for ONLY ONE part. Another file gave the same error.
Is it with the server side issue or with mothur?

btw, I am using mothur version 1.35.1

Do you have enough disk space for the entire combined file?


yes. we have enough disk space for the files. I have used the same for 474 files and it worked well.
But not for this data. Any clue what is happening here?


I found the problem. There was few reverse sequences missing in the R2.fastq of a sample.

Thanks for the reply.