Make.contigs not running to completion

No error comes up but after trying a couple of times the command eventually runs til


It took 2219 secs to assemble 437576 reads.

And then the cursor is flickers below with no - mothur > - and no group count

I have a stability.trim/scrap.contigs FASTA file, a COUNT_TABLE file, a CONTIGS_REPORT file.

When I try and exist mothur, re-enter and run summary.seqs I get the following error

[ERROR]: ‘M06207_22_000000000-DGY8C_1_1101_27285_10509’ is not in your name or count file, please correct.

How can I get make.contigs run to completion?

It could have been writing to disk still when you killed the process. Can you try letting it run longer? These functions aren’t instantaneous


Hi Pat,

I think that might be the case. Seems I was a bit too eager… then I noticed you were using 16 processors, not quite the specs I’m dealing with :frowning:



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