Mac V1.18 bug

During the use of Mothur in the MAC version while running screen.seqs and sometimes other commands, you receive the error message that a namefile is not present, yet when you open the name folder in a text editor you can clearly see the name of the file, however it is noticed that the names that are usually not found are the ones that are outside the two column matrix. After attempting to fix this problem I also noticed that it left blank spots and upon attempting to rerun the command it still would create a namefile error. Any help is greatly appreciated, I have not noticed this on the PC side of the house.

**Correction, upon attempting this with the same version in PC at the screen.seqs command, using “screen.seqs(fasta=current, name=mos.names, group=mos.groups, optimize=start-end,criteria=90)” I received the same identical message;

“[ERROR]: K1D_GQP7UTN03FXWI2 is not in your namefile, please correct.”

I am not sure what is causing this error, it perhaps maybe a conversion from the groups file in creating the names file, but all names that show up as errors in MAC are in the names file, and respectively in the Windows side they are missing.

Could you send your fasta, name, group and mothurLogfile to

I was experiencing issues with my names file that are similar to other posts in the forum. Specifically, I kept getting error messages claiming that mothur couldn’t find any of my names in my names file. But if I open the names file in a text editor, I can easily find the supposedly missing names. Puzzling.

Then I realized that I wasn’t using the .unique file. For example, I was using trim.seqs or summary.seqs with the original fasta file, not with the .unique file. For some reason it confuses mothur to be searching for names if you don’t give it a file with only unique sequences.

I’m sure I am not the first to notice this, but I didn’t see any other posts sharing this particular epiphany.

thanks for the revelation!