IonTorrent SOP

Dear community,

I am searching for the IonTorrent SOP/analysis example.
Unfortunately I am “not permitted to use the search system”, hence this post.
The example posted by Sukithar Rajan on the mothur wiki seems no longer available.

Does anyone still have a copy, or know where I can find it?
I know Pat isn’t a big fan of this platform for amplicon sequencing (or sequencing in general), but right now it’s all I got! :slight_smile:
Show some love for the torrent? Pleeease?

Thank you.

Sorry, but I think it got lost when the site crashed this fall. You will want to follow the 454 SOP using the quality score based approach. The main difference is that you’ll have to drop the quality score threshold (because IonTorrent is so bad) to something that helps you get sequences through.


I hope we switch to MiSeq soon :slight_smile: