Ion Torrent guidelines ?

Hello everybody !

I am currently analysing Ion Torrent data with mothur, and was using the guidelines found at this address :
However, since the wiki update, this page does not seem to exist anymore.

The guidelines are mentioned in the “Analysis examples” page, but in red (unexistant page). Where did it disappear ?

Thank you in advance :wink:

Yeah, it disappeared and unfortunately we don’t have a backup. We don’t know who contributed that page so unfortunately, we’re stuck until we develop our own later this summer.


That is unfortunate… In the mean the time, would you recommend following the 454 SOP to analyze Ion Torrent data or use a different pipeline? Thank you.

Does this look like a mirror?

Practically, like one or two lines are different in the analysis section. But overall, it is like looking in a mirror :slight_smile: Thank you a ton Rayan!


Hi everybody,

Do you have news about a new Ion Torrent Tutorial on Mothur?

I’m started in 16S analysis and Mothur is the unique complete software adapted to Ion Torrent Machine. So if somebody could help me to learn it I’ll be very happy.



if someone wants to transfer this:

to the current wiki, that would be great. i’m not sure when i’ll have a chance to get to it.

Thank you pschloss for the document. :slight_smile:
I’ll try to use Mothur on Ion PGM data now.

Has there been any further development with a pipeline in Mothur processing Ion Torrent data?

Sorry there hasn’t been. I think it’s a pretty flawed method. We tried working with the company and the data were pretty poor. I think people’s time and money would be better spent using a MiSeq - even if it means regenerating the data.


I have found some old Ion Torrent data, is there any option to employ any of the other pipelines (454, MiSeq SOPs) to analyze them?