how to make group file

Hey everyone, I have a problem creating the group file - the problem is that Im not really sure which type of file to make. I have been following the esophageal community analysis pipeline. I have a fasta file with all my sequences that comes from 14 different samples. Together with a database file I created and alignment, screened it, filtered it and used the dist.seq.I then clustered the files to make OTUs. Now I need to do the make.shared command but don’t know how to make the groups file that is needed. Any help is very much appreciated - Im a complete beginner!


Welcome to the mothur community! Pat has written 2 example analysis’s you may find helpful as well: and Group files are created in two ways. If you have barcodes and primers you can create an oligos file,, and when you include an oligos file with commands like trim.seqs mothur will create a group file for you. Mothur also has a command called, This command can be used if you have a fasta file or several fasta files you want to assign group values to. It sounds like this is the command you will want.