get.oturep: no fasta file?

I’m running the get.oturep command and only seem to be getting .names files out of it and no fasta file. From the wiki I got the impression that I should get both: ‘A .rep.fasta and .rep.names file is generated for each OTU definition
What I’m looking for is a representative sequence for a specific OTU.

Any suggestions?
Thank you! Sandra

I've followed the Schloss SOP; dist.seqs, cluster, etc and classified the OTUs. Summary of the run is here:

mothur > get.oturep(column=final.dist, name=final.names,

Reading matrix: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

unique 4046
0.01 3321
0.02 2033
0.03 1322
0.04 974
0.05 781

Output File Names:

I confirm, no fasta formatted file are returned.

Hi Cris,
But do ou know how to get the sequence then, I find the confusing as the sequence IDs do not appear to represent the OTUs but rather the unique sequences (more rep. IDs than OTUs)?
Thanks, Sandra

You must include the fasta file in the command: get.oturep(column=final.dist, name=final.names,, fasta=final.fasta).

ah, great. Thank you!