get.oturep for a specific .group.rabund


I am not able to put this together.
I have two groups of seqs. I got a rank abund for each group using the read.otu of .list from read.dist.
I also have the .shared file.

I got the rep fasta seqs belonging to each label by-
How do I get a rep fasta sequence belonging to each rank in a particular group. Or should I just run the analysis as single sample?

I feel like I have the info, but I am not able to put it together. Thanks for helping.


What you really want is a command to parse your list file, which is on the list for the next release. In the meantime here is a work around. If you create a file with the names of the sequences from the group you want, you can use the get.seqs command to create a list file with only those names in it.