Error of "summary.seqs" command in"Using flowgrams" section

Today I use mothur to process the date in 454 SOP. When I use “summary.seqs” command in “Using flowgrams” section, mothur told me “GQY1XT001BF37D is not in your name or count file, please correct .” All my opertions are according to 454 SOP. Yestoday I met similar error when I processed other data. Is there a problem in my win7(64bit) system or a problem in mothur(64 bit for windows)?32 bit mothur seem done a good job with XP(32bit).Help me!!! :cry:

Are you using 1.34.2?

I use mothur v.1.34.0 (64 bit mothur for windows).The “processors” option seems invalid in my computer. :slight_smile:
Thanks for your reply!

helpful info thx

The latest version of mothur I download from the website is 1.34.1(64bit for windows).It seems that the v 1.34.2 is no exist. When I use v 1.34.1 the similar error also happened. :frowning:

I reposted the Windows 64 version of 1.34.2. Can you download it and see if it resolves your issues? If not, you can send your input files to