[ERROR]: 'M03602_424_000000000-KGRP4_1_1108_16589_10118' is not in your name or count file, please correct


I ran pcr.seqs() and then align.seqs() and all seemed to be ok. Next, I did screen.seqs, but then I got this error:

[ERROR]: ‘M03602_424_000000000-KGRP4_1_1108_16589_10118’ is not in your name or count file, please correct.

Does anyone know why this should be happening?

Below I am sending the full logfile:

mothur > screen.seqs(fasta=hypcnx.trim.contigs.good.unique.align, count=hypcnx.trim.contigs.good.count_table, start=853, end=11864, maxhomop=6, processors=16)

Using 16 processors.

It took 175 secs to screen 6339675 sequences, removed 16184.

Running command: remove.seqs(accnos=hypcnx.trim.contigs.good.unique.bad.accnos.temp, count=hypcnx.trim.contigs.good.count_table)
Removed 21832 sequences from hypcnx.trim.contigs.good.count_table.

Output File Names:


Output File Names:

It took 1379 secs to screen 6339675 sequences.

mothur > summary.seqs(fasta=current, count=current)
Using hypcnx.trim.contigs.good.good.count_table as input file for the count parameter.
Using hypcnx.trim.contigs.good.unique.good.align as input file for the fasta parameter.

Using 16 processors.
[ERROR]: 'M03602_424_000000000-KGRP4_1_1108_16589_10118' is not in your name or count file, please correct.

Thank you!

Sorry, I’m not sure what’s going on. Cold you possibly go back and re-run each of the steps again? Could you perhaps try using a smaller number of processors?


OK, thanks. I’ll try things out…

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