error after using trim.seq, not sure if it fully worked

When I incorporate allfiles=t into my trim.seqs command, I end up with an error message saying that mothur couldn’t open a file. It was a fasta file, and was named after my first barcode ID in my oligo file. The error message happened after a long while, and it looks like all the right files were created, so I’m not sure if there is actually a problem. My input is:

mothur > trim.seqs(fasta=reads1f.fna, oligos=eftag.txt, maxambig=0, minlength=150, maxlength=300, qfile=qual1f.qual, qaverage=20, maxhomop=6, allfiles=t)

Also, should there be a group file made for each barcode when using allfiles=t? I have twenty barcodes, and two group files: one which I think covers the entire fasta file, and another that is zero bytes in size, and is named after the first barcode in my oligo file.


It seems like something went wrong along the way. If you would like me to try and track it down you can send your files to