dist.seqs & clearcut


I’m learning Mothur by going through example analysis(Costello stool analysis). Now I have problems in the step of dist.seqs:

I put “output=1t”, but Mothur said"It is not a valid output form"; then I got output file of “stool. final .dist” instead of " stool.final.phylip.dist", I was not able to continue the next command of “clearcut”

I have tried several times following the instructions, but always the same problem, could anyone help me what i did wrong in these steps?

Another Q, does anybody know when the web-based Mothur version will be released?

Thank you very much!!


What version of mothur are you using? From your post above it looks like you typed the number 1 and then the letter t. Mothur is looking for the letters “lt” for “lower triangle”.

Thank you for your help! It works now.