Problem of Clearcut

Hello, I am trying to use the Clearcut command.
As the tutorial said, I run the dist.seqs comand first, generating the phylip formatted dist matrix.

mothur > dist.seqs(fasta=XXX.unique.fasta,cutoff=0.03,processors=2,output=lt); mothur > clearcut(phylip=XXX.unique.phylip.dist)

And the error is as follows:
Clearcut: Syntax error in distance matrix at offset 15.

I do not know much about clearcut, what I can do with this error?

I’m guessing the problem is that you’ve exceeded your virtual memory size. That can happen with big datasets.

Is the problem in this case actually because the dist.seqs output format is “lt” for the lower triangle matrix? Does clearcut require a square matrix input?

lt is fine. How big is the distance matrix?