count.seqs() command

Hi to all

I am new to mothur package and now struggling to learn. Can anyone help me. I run the command count.seqs and could get this error in the output {[ERROR]: processes reported processing 2292609 sequences, but group file indicates you have 2292610 sequences. Could you have a file mismatch?} how can I handle this? on tracing the error source could also find the make.contigs commands generated some sequences with the same name! eg severa had the name " No". could this be the reason? and how can I handle it?


Welcome to the mothur community! I would be happy to help. Could you post the command you gave to make.contigs?

The command was {make.contigs(file=stability.files, processors=12)

Thanks for your willingness to help


Could you send me the stability.files and the fastq files it contains at