corr.axes feature

Hi -

This is not so much a bug as a feature, but it had me going in circles for awhile, so just fyi…I’m running mothur interactively and found that a simple mistake in the metadata file can cause corr.axes to consume all the memory on my machine (I have 12 GB memory on my linux box and mothur was consuming 98% of that) for a while (several minutes) and then eventually crash and exit mothur. In my metadata file, I had ten sample names in the first column, then four columns containing various metadata measurements from the samples. User error put a space in five of my sample names making them not unique, and not matching the sample names in the NMDS axes file. This will teach me to copy and paste data from my collaborator’s Excel file, and not look really carefully at my text file before using it. But maybe mothur could do a simple check and return a ‘hey stupid!..’ error.

Lee Ann