convert tax.summary file into krona

Hi all,

I tried to play with krona and it’s my understanding that we can use the file from mothur and krona excel template to make krona .html file for visualization. I even found a py script for converting, but I don’t know the basic of py yet, so I didn’t make it work. I was wondering how to use the tax.summary output to make the krona output, please? Basically I would need to know what do we need to copy and paste into the krona excel template. The template krona gives contains column B: amount, column C:sore(optional) column D:category 1, column E: category 2 etc… I’ve tried to copy and paste “taxon” under “catergory 1”, and “total” under “amount”, but it doesn’t seem to be right.

Thanks much.

Sorry, I’ve never heard of krona and we aren’t supporting it at this point.


I made a few tweaks to accaldwell’s python script so it works with the current format of the tax.summary files